Stop blaming Joe Biden for the economic failures of Donald Trump

Biden's America, Trump's economy

As journalists reminded us throughout 2019, the booming economy had nothing to do with Donald Trump — what we were actually witnessing were the lingering effects of the Obama presidency.

(A white supremacist like Trump would not have been so hyper focused upon lifting black Americans out of poverty. No, Trump’s economy was racist, and we have Obama to thank for all the milestones.)

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Which is why it is so important not to blame Joe Biden or the Democrats for the abysmal state of the American economy today. Biden has only been in office for two and a half years, so we won’t start seeing the effects of his policies for at least another five and a half.

The reality is that we are still living in Donald Trump’s AmeriKKKa, and this is Trump’s eKKKonomy. Literally everything that happens between now and 2029 will be Trump’s fault.

Except for the Putin Price Hikes. Those are Putin’s fault. And the Putin Formula Shortages, because we wouldn’t be exporting our domestic supply of infant formula to Ukrainian refugees in Mexico if not for Putin’s War.

The gas prices are mostly Putin’s fault as well, though as the White House previously noted, OPEC and the oil companies and Maduro all share some of the blame.

And then there is the issue of Putinflation. Fortunately, Senator Schumer has a plan to address this, which apparently involves undoing the Trump tax cuts and raising interest rates.

Hopefully the Democrats will be successful in mitigating the harmful effects of the Trump presidency and the ongoing Putin presidency so the American people will be able to fully appreciate the Biden presidency as we move into 2030.

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