Proposition To Disable All US Nuclear Arsenal In Effort To Make “Nuke Free” Country

California representative, Jefferson Gregory, put forth a proposition to disable the entirety of the US nuclear capabilities in an effort to make America a “Nuke Free” country.

Since we’re already making headway in abolishing the 2nd amendment because no citizen is safe with guns so easily accessible, we want to take the idea to a global level. We want the US to lead by example by disarming all of our nuclear weapons to make our country the first “Nuke Free” country among all nuclear capable sovereign states. If America disarms all of their nuclear weapons, Russia and North Korea and others will follow.

Congressman Gregory makes an excellent point. The world is not safe as long as nuclear weapons exist. The US has one of the largest stock piles of nuclear weapons out of all the countries. We may look like a “strong” country with our guns and our nuclear arsenal, but imagine how truly strong and great we would be without them.

Clearly, this is a great idea and it’s only a matter of time before other congressmen and women jump on board. We’re already on our way with expanding gun free zones and tightening gun laws. Of course it begs the question, why stop at guns? It only makes sense that if American citizens would be safer without the presence of guns, the world would be safer without the presence of nukes. America is highly influential over other countries. As a nation, we shouldn’t pride our military strength through our firepower – we should bride ourselves in the courage to disarm ourselves completely. Other nations will indeed follow.

If all goes well, America will lay down her weapons and the world will finally be safe.


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