“The Nightmare Before Christmas” Illustrates the Dangers of Cultural Appropriation

What white people can learn about cultural normativity from a Tim Burton Classic

We’ve all seen and know the story of The Nightmare Before Christmas but what white people fail to see is the fact that it perfectly illustrates the dangers of cultural appropriation. With Halloween coming up, white people have a tendency to choose Halloween costumes that are morally offensive and reprehensible – so much to the point where POC and members of the LGBTQPASMR+ community break down in tears at the mere sight of such atrocities.

In The Nightmare Before Christmas, the main protagonist Jack Skellington (the Pumpkin King) no longer appreciates his own rich culture of Halloween spooks and scares and pays an unexpected visit to Christmas town. Here’s where the story falls apart and would never make it in our progressive day and age.

Jack Skellington should have walked through Christmas Town and paid reparations to the children and families the residence therein. Instead, Skellington decided to steal and appropriate the culture and traditions of Christmas Town and claim ownership when he brought aspects of their rich culture to Halloween Town.

Jack Skellington should have walked through Christmas Town and paid reparations to the children and families therein.

We all know what happened next. Jack Skellington completely misused, trashed up and destroyed the very fabric of the Christmas Town traditions as he appropriated almost every aspect.

When Jack Skellington went back to Christmas Town dressed as Santa and tried to deliver presents like Santa would, it was a disaster. White people can learn a lot from this.

Whenever white people wear outfits, hairstyles or do absolutely anything else that originated from a culture that isn’t white, similar disasters ensue – especially when white people (men predominantly) voluntarily choose not to pay the due reparations.


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