Republicans are only pro life because they want more voters from fetuses

The dangers of having voters from the unborn

Republicans cloak their pro-life agenda in the guise of “saving lives” or because it goes against their extremist Christian religious doctrines. However, according to sources familiar with our way of thinking, there’s a likely chance that Republicans only want pro-life policies solely to have more voters.

Consider the following: The only reason we want our country overrun by undocumented immigrants is so we can have them all vote Democrat. This isn’t even a secret. It’s quite clear and we’ve made it obvious. We’re not even hiding it anymore.

The right wants to label this move as unfair, illegal and unconstitutional but that’s just because they’re racist of course. Every one of them.

So consider their pro-life agenda. Is this really about saving lives? Or is it the right’s attempt at trying to get the same illegal totally constitutional vote numbers that we’re trying for? Think about it – why would illegal immigrants want to vote Democrat in the first place? Because Democrats are the ones promising them life, liberty and freedom in this country. Why not vote to keep that party in power when that party is responsible for providing so much for them?

Republicans are only pro-life because they are treating fetuses the same way. What they’re not understanding is that fetuses can’t read or capable of understanding political discourse. This is NOT the party you want running our country.

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