Nevermind. We were wrong. Kanye West IS indeed black!

As we all know, Kanye West winked, nodded and hugged up with President Donald Trump. Since Donald Trump is a well known white supremacist and there isn’t a single non-white person who likes the president or favors the president in any way, we initially mistakenly mistook Kanye West as an actual white man.

It’s an easy mistake to make considering how positive he had been towards the president as well as sporting his signed Make America Great Again hat, which is essentially the same (if not worse than) wearing a clansman uniform in public. Of course he was mistaken as white.

However, recently Kanye West took back everything he had done with a single tweet:

As it turns out, he (just like all of us) hates Donald Trump just as much as a POC should. This tweet confirms beyond the shadow of a doubt that he is indeed a black man and think the way a liberal black man should.

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