Homeless Americans had their chance. It’s time to favor undocumented immigrants!

It's time to lend all of our help, support and resources to undocumented migrants

You hear it from the right all the time. Their first line of defense against the perfectly rational standpoint to let in every single refugee and migrant is “what about the homeless in our own country?”

As we know, America is the land of opportunity, the American dream and prosperity. Being born in the United States is a privilege and in doing so, you’re guaranteed (especially when you vote Democrat and elect liberal representatives) free education, free health care and if it weren’t for Republicans giving tax cuts to billionaires, free housing and a free basic universal income.

So why are there homeless Americans? Clearly, they did something wrong in life and failed as citizens. We as liberals and Democrat voters to the left simply do not think homeless Americans deserve any more chances. They had their chance.

Non invasive caravan of migrants seeking the American Dream
Peaceful migrants approaching open border point of entry

You know who hasn’t had a chance? Mexicans. Hondurans. Anyone from a predominantly brown country. Migrants people deserve all of our resources, help and aid. That’s why it’s morally right to open our borders to everyone and anyone who wants to come in and give them money, reparations and support in every way imaginable.

Homelessness isn’t a problem that needs to be fixed. It’s a problem that can simply be ignored by voting Democrat and re-allocating the wasted resources to migrants.


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