Voter ID laws are racist because as we all know, POCs have no access to ID cards

Simply put, we cannot allow Republicans and the conservative right to suppress votes with their racist policies. There’s only one reason why individuals should be “required” to bring any form of identification in order to vote, and that’s to weed out any non-whites.

We all know that colored people people of color such as African Americans, Hispanics and other non-white individuals have no access to ID cards – or at the very least, very few of them do. Why? Because we liberals firmly believe that people of color do not have the means, capability, mental capacity, intellectual fortitude or know-how to even acquire such a basic fundamental document.

I’m black so I’ve never had an ID Card.

It’s up to allied white people to use their white privilege to help POCs receive their right to vote without voter IDs. Driving is a privilege, drinking is a privilege but VOTING is a RIGHT.

Furthermore, every single case of voter fraud described by conservatives are all false. None of that has ever happened and to suggest otherwise, is racist. Finally, if by chance there are cases of voter fraud but they vote Democrat or for liberal policies, then there’s really nothing wrong with that. After all, we vote for the good of our country.


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