First a Muslim ban, now a Latino ban. When will it end?

In January of 2017, President Donald Trump issued the very unconstitutional Muslim ban – a testament to only the beginning of the most racist and intolerant administration our country has ever seen. Republicans and conservatives like to pretend that it isn’t a Muslim ban, calling it a simple “travel ban” from “terror ridden countries.”

Well these “terror ridden countries” just happen to be Muslim majority. It’s no secret that Trump hates all brown people so this “travel ban” was simply a cover up in order to get away with banning the entire Muslim race of people.

Baratunde – Liberal Progressive Thought Leader

Since then, the Trump administration has been deporting Muslims out of the country even if they were born here! You can’t make this stuff up.

But see – Muslims aren’t the only brown people threatening his tiny handed ego. Latinos and Hispanics also have brown skin, but could we really expect the Trump administration to order a Latino ban too?

It’s already happening.

Conservatives and Republicans tried to deny that he had such intentions ever since he openly labelled Mexicans as “rapists”, “murderers”, “drug dealers” and “criminals”. Make no mistake – he meant ALL Mexicans. Not just a select group of particularly violent Mexican individuals.

That’s why the Trump administration has been rounding up Mexicans throughout the country and placing them in concentration camps.

The Trump Administration throwing innocent Mexicans into concentration camps. These camps are literally no different than those used by the other Nazis in WWII.

This will make it easier deport ALL Hispanics and Latinos. This would be two predominantly brown races that the Trump administration will have banned from entering the “land of the free.” It’s sickening which is why we must vote them out of office the first chance we get!


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