With Kavanaugh on the bench, Supreme Court expected to overturn Women’s Right to Vote

19th Amendment under attack by Supreme Court

Almost like clockwork, the moment Brett Kavanaugh got sworn into the Supreme Court, talks about overturning the 19th Amendment began spreading. As we all know, Republicans and conservatives want to bring us back to the 1920s where blacks were lynched, there were white only drinking fountains and women were expected to never work, only have babies and of course, never vote. For the old white men on the Republican side of the aisle, this a framework for paradise. For the rest of us, it’s an abomination.

With a conservative majority in the Supreme Court, I think it’s reasonable to see through the overturning of Roe v Wade, the 19th Amendment and maybe even the 13th if we really stick to our ideals.

  • Brett Kavanaugh

Within the course of a couple weeks, went from “believe all women” to “suppress any and all methods of voice for women.” When the Trump Administration is doing to the women of America is no different than what Brett Kavanaugh did to Christine Blasey Ford – covering their mouths and having their way while the other white men in the room watch and laugh.

This goes hand in hand with the fact that Republican districts are already enforcing voter suppression by requiring identification when we all know that non-white people do not have what it takes to acquire ID.

This is why we much vote BLUE to get rid of these sickening and heartless conservatives while women still have a voice. Because once the 19th Amendment gets overturned, there’s no going back.


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