Are you man enough to transition? New trend among straight millennial men taking internet by storm

With the resurgence of transphobic hate sweeping across the country, many millennials are breaking barriers and boundaries by transitioning in support of their trans friends.

An impressive amount of white cis-gendered heterosexual males are confident enough in their masculinity to undergo full gender orientation transformative hormone treatment and surgery.

To protest against transphobic hate, I have transitioned from male to female. Though I still identify as male, I am confident enough in my masculinity that I know that my genitalia do not represent my sexual identity. My girlfriend left me.

This is exactly what the LGBTQAAIIP+ community needs. In theory, with enough individuals assigned a different gender at birth undergoing transitions mixed in with confident male allies undergoing the same transition, the hate will be misguided, diluted and ultimately displaced entirely.

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Let’s face it – transgenderism is natural and happens in nature. There are numerous animals in the mammal kingdom who experience gender dysphoria, but homo sapiens is the only species capable of transitioning from one gender to the other. Unfortunately, there are bigoted xenophobes out there who would love nothing more than to try to “fix” or “treat” these individuals with what they deem as a “mental illness.”

This sweeping wave of straight masculine men voluntarily undergoing gender transition surgery is 100% a step in the right direction.

Diversity is our strength. Never forget it.


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