Any vote for a Republican is a vote for fascism, racism, hate, bigotry, intolerance, sexism, xenophobia …

Vote blue down the ballot to save American from Trump

It should be obvious by now who the correct voting options are. If you look at the state of our nation, we’re at an all time low. Everything wrong with the country can be blamed solely and exclusively on Donald Trump, Trump supporters, Republicans, Conservatives and anyone who has even the slightest conservative thought.

If you’re anywhere right of Kamala Harris, you’re part of the problem.

That’s why you NEED to vote blue all the way down the ballot. If you see “dem” next to a name, fill it out. If you see “rep” next to another name, resist the urge to spit on your ballot and simply skip it.

Our country is wrought with hatred, xenophobia and racism. There are riots in the streets caused by peaceful members of Antifa – the true American heroes and patriots. Black Lives Matter, the honorable and respectful group dedicating to bridging the gap between races by demanding reparations are on the right side of history.

For those of you who are unable to take to the streets with pitch forks, molotovs and professionally made protest picket signs, you can do your part in ending bigotry by voting blue.

Brave LGBTQIEOAPT+ protesters and allies fighting for America. The real heroes.

If you vote Democrat, you’re on the peaceful side of Antifa. You’re on the tolerant side of Black Lives Matter. If you vote Democrat, you are no different than the liberal LGBTQAIP+ individuals protesting for a woman’s right to choose to kill her unborn. A Democratic vote is a vote for Socialism, and this is what America is all about.

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