Trump issues executive order banning the counting of votes in predominantly blue counties

Voter suppression now enforced federally

In a desperate Hail Mary attempt at stopping the inevitable blue wave, Trump has just issued an executive order from the White House which BANS the counting of votes in predominantly blue counties – according to sources familiar with the anti-Trump mindset. These counties spread through California, Nevada, New York, Maine and Delaware are populated with a majority of either black people, Latinx people, or LGBTQAIPPEIW+ people.

This is voter suppression at it’s absolute worst and it’s appalling. If by chance we see the Republicans holding the house and the senate, we will know who to blame. Donald Trump is one of the most divisive presidents that this country has ever seen.

It’s hard enough for me to vote when I’m not a citizen and have been deported twice but now I’m living in a county that’s banned from voting!

The ironic part is, in response to this deliberate voter suppression, liberals and democrats along with undocumented immigrants will feel the need to vote more than once just to even the scales. Once this is inevitably called out as “voter fraud” by the conservatives, they will accuse US of cheating. In the wise words of Eric Holder, when they go low, we kick them.

Add this to the fact that the Trump administration is requiring ID cards in order to vote – which further suppresses the voting capabilities of minorities since we know that people of color are not capable of acquiring such forms of documentation, this truly is an unconstitutional move of the president of the United States.

In a climate where our democracy matters now more than ever, it’s a truly dark time in American history where people as noble as undocumented immigrants are unable to vote easily, let alone entire swaths of US territory simply because they happen to be predominantly blue.

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