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Opinion: It should be a hate crime to say “Latino” or “Latina” instead of “Latinx”

Let’s face it. There’s enough hate speech going around and we don’t need any more of it. That being said, it’s time to do away with “Latina” and “Latino” for good. The liberals here at NPC Daily are pushing to make it an official hate crime to refer to a Latinx person of color as either “Latina” or “Latino.” We used these words in this article only for demonstrative purposes. We do no intend on using such vile language further.

So why Latinx? Because not every brown skinned POC identifies as either male or female. Especially with the new trend of cis-gendered straight white men who are voluntarily subjecting themselves to gender transformation hormone treatment, therapy and surgery – it’s up in the air what they would identify as. And that’s okay!

That’s why it eliminates all confusion to use the word Latinx. However, conservatives and right wing Republicans refuse to adopt such tolerant language. It’s no surprise given how hateful they are and the hateful rhetoric they spew.

We will start with Latinx and once that is established to it’s fullest capacity, we will move on to changing the wording for individuals with ethnic descent from the Philippines. We will push for Filipinx instead of Filipina or Filipino.

Once that is established, we will (with permission from the Latinx community of course) push to change the entire languages of Spanish, French, Italian, Portugeuese and other languages originating form the Latin and Romantic descent. So instead of the Spanish word for cheese, which is a masculine form “queso”, it would be “quesx”. Instead of “pescado” for fish, it would be “pescadx”. So on and so forth.

By eliminating the gendered nouns from all words in all languages across the world, we will be one step closer to equality. Remember – diversity is our strength and nothing is more diverse and tolerant than labeling words commonly used by the majority of individuals with no ill intent as hateful.

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