It’s almost 2019 – we should be more focused on intersectionality and identity than policy

The skin color and ethnicity of our elected officials is more important than the policies they aim to enact

Conservatives and Republicans will have you believe that the most important thing in the American political landscape is “policies” and what politicians “do”. This of course, couldn’t be farther from the truth. As America becomes more of a melting pot, the white supremacists on the right will try harder and harder to “restore” their supposed white heritage.

Notice how it’s only conservatives who are concerned about policies without even considering the color of the skin of the person making them. This is not okay. If we let this go and not pay any attention to the ethnicity of our elected officials, we run the risk of electing an all white and all male congress, setting us back to the years of slavery.

I don’t care if they’re offering to double the funding of Meals on Wheels, if they are a straight white male, I’m hesitant to get behind it.

Luckily the liberals here at NPC Daily aren’t the only ones who recognize the need for focusing on identity and culture in our politics. Van Jones from CNN gets it too.

That’s why we NEED more gay people in congress. We NEED more Latinx individuals elected to our districts. We NEED more Muslims, more blacks, more Asians, Indians, Islanders and Native Americans running congress regardless of what their policies are. Policies and promises should come second to their ethnic background.

So when straight white male elected officials get voted out of congress, it doesn’t matter what their policies are – this is objectively a GOOD thing. Diversity is our strength and nothing is more diverse than the removal of straight white males from the electorate.


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