Peaceful Antifa Protestors Non-Intrusively Express Disagreement with Tucker Carlson

On the night of October 7th, a mob group of peaceful antifa demonstrators gathered outside the home of Tucker Carlson while him and his wife were sleeping, and expressed their disagreement with his views. Peacefully, mind you, and in a completely non-threatening manor.

It’s typical of fear-filled and hate-filled conservatives to blow everything out of proportion. This mob group of peaceful Antifa protesters were simply reminding Tucker Carlson and his family that they know where they sleep at night. Why? So they can continue the conversation in the morning of course.

So the big question is – why would Antifa want to have a peaceful non-confrontational conversation with Tucker Carlson? Given that he is a bigoted racist who has expressed countless times on his segment Tucker Carlson Tonight on Fox News that he hates women, gays and Mexicans – what good can come from having a conversation with him?

Well, unlike conservatives themselves, liberals are all about tolerance and listening to the other side. Democrats know that Republicans hate all non white males and if they deny this absolute fact, they’re both lying to the public and lying to themselves, therefore, not worth even talking to. Antifa, knowing these facts, have decided to extend an olive branch to alt-right leader Tucker Carlson in the only way they know how.

As it turns out, Tucker Carlson and the rest of the conservative right have labelled this act of peaceful discourse as harassment – which is ironic given the fact that they have put a convicted serial rapist onto the Supreme Court. Will Tucker Carlson have a civil conversation? We will soon find out.

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