Apple releasing upside down burning American flag emoji on the new iPhone 11 and why that’s a GOOD thing

The burning upside down American Flag emoji is coming soon!

Apple has officially announced that in their next iOS update 13.0 on the iPhone 11, it will include a myriad of new progressive emojis to be used by users. Among the newly included emojis are the rumored pregnant man because as we all know, gender is a social construct and individuals who are born with female genitalia are not necessarily female themselves. Another is the Antifa logo, which has been long expected and appreciated but the most request one of all – the upside down burning American Flag.

As we have discussed thoroughly in Why burning the American flag is a powerful symbol of liberal change and should be encouraged, burning the American flag is simply a form of free expression and respect to the individual with these views. If you feel personally victimized by American culture, you can tell your significant other in a text view that upside down burning American Flag emoji.

With this new expressive emoji, victims of American culture will be able to more accurately describe their feelings to one another via iMessage and other platforms soon to come.

Apple hears our requests and takes them all seriously – especially if they are from liberals like us and not bigoted and intolerant conservatives just like every single one of them are. Look forward to the next iOS update with Android and other other social media platforms sure to follow suit with the new upside down burning American Flag emoji!


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