Hormone therapy for white males to deter the spread of toxic masculinity

Dealing with toxic masculinity the scientific way

Let’s face it – toxic masculinity is the reason for all of the problems in the world. It’s why there are wars and disagreements. Toxic masculinity is solely responsible for nationalism, territories and turf wars. It’s why there is privilege, oppression and it’s why we don’t have socialism like we should.

Toxic masculinity, in short, is what causes men to behave in a way where they strive towards family support, strength, both physical and emotion, toughness, ruggedness, physical attractiveness, class, dignity and respect. In other words, everything we liberals don’t to ever see in our men.

So what causes toxic masculinity? There’s a debate to be had whether or not it’s caused by society or if it’s innate – in other words – nature or nurture. In some cases, toxic masculinity is a form of social conditioning. They are raised to be aggressive and mean while suppressing their emotions. In others, they are simply born that way.

So what do we do with men who are simply born more masculine than others? We change them. It’s that simple.

That’s why there is a cultural and political push for men to receive hormone therapy – similar to the types of therapies received by male to female transgender individuals. See Are you man enough to transition? for more information about how more and straight white men are volunteering to transition in support of their transgender allies.

Nothing is certain yet but there are talks about putting trace amounts of lithium iodide in the water supply which has proven to turn various forms of amphibians into homosexuals. The concentration need not be that high, but with the right amount, we should be seeing a more effeminate male population within a generation or so.

This is great news! Even though it’s not set in stone yet, it’s a step in the right direction. All we would need from there is a national campaign to push people to drink tap water and we are only a handful of years away from the demise of toxic masculinity.

Stay tuned for more news about other ways we as a society and rid the country of toxic masculinity. Always remember that diversity is indeed our strength.

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