The left CAN meme and the right needs to take a seat

Rebuttal to a favorite among conservative arguments

Yes, the left can in fact meme

One of the more annoying qualities of the right is their claim that “the left can’t meme.” It implies that the left is full of sensitive humorless individuals who both can’t take a joke and aren’t creative enough to come up with jokes for themselves. The reality is – just like with everything else – the right is in their echo chamber, only listening to each other and never hearing or listening to outside thoughts or ideas.

The right thinks that we see see Venezuela as a perfect example of socialism but they act like they’ve never even heard of Norway – a real socialist paradise. They act like Trump doesn’t hate Muslims but seem to have forgotten that he banned the entire Muslim race!

So it’s no surprise that conservatives and the right have no sense of humor outside of their snow globe echo chambers. The left very much can meme and NPC Daily will prove it to you.

This is a funny meme that makes fun of the “Make America Great Again” hat. Make the PRESIDENT great again LOL
Semantically creative and to the point. It shows that Trump is full of hatred because he wears a red hat!
Nothing is funnier than when we create viral memes that get shared because the left knows what’s true
More memes from the left that the right will just ignore
Truer words on a meme have never been spoken.



These are all wonderful memes! They’re so great, yet the right just brushes them aside because they hate Mexicans, women, brown people and other POC. The next time someone tells you that the left can’t meme, just remember that the left has created at least five memes – not including the cultural reference by Hillary Clinton in 2016.

So yes, as you can see, the left very much CAN meme. They can meme so hard that they’re better at it than the right. Share to spread awareness.

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