Socialism should simply be tried until it works properly

It's the perfect economic system that just hasn't worked YET

Almost like clockwork, you can already hear the conservatives shouting at the top of their lungs in a desperate attempt to shun reality. Let’s face it – socialism is the perfect economic system. It eliminates the lower class, provides basic income, guarantees free healthcare and education and the wealth gap disappears. It sounds great on paper, so now we just need to make it work – and there’s no better place than America.

Socialism works when done correctly. We just need to have an upper class willing to cooperate. When the top 1% of the population owns more of the wealth than the bottom 80%, there’s a problem. That’s why we need to raise the taxes to 95% while providing free goods and services for all!

The future savior of our country Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez gets it! When asked how we will pay for all of these free goods and services, here’s what she has to say:

People often say, like, how are you going to pay for it and I find the question so puzzling because ‘How do you pay for something that’s more affordable? How do you pay for cheaper rent?’ You just pay for it!

What’s the cheapest price? FREE!

How to do you pay for free health care? It’s FREE! How do you pay for free education? It’s FREE! Any parts that actually require money can simply be siphoned by the upper 1% through taxes.

Often times, we are told that the upper 1% are wealthy because they own a tremendous amount of American companies so if they are taxed too high, they will leave the country and bring their company overseas. So what happens then?

We ignore that fact! Why? Because there’s a wealth gap between the rich and the poor that’s growing exponentially every year. The rich need to start paying their fair share, and their fair share is 96% of their profits and earnings.

Thankfully, the Democrats get it and with our wealth of knowledge on economics, we will be the front runners of American success. Just because it hasn’t worked in any country in the past, doesn’t mean we should be pessimistic about the future. We are liberals and naturally we see the good in everything and every one. If you don’t want free health care, that means you hate the poor. Stop being anti-American. Start being a socialist.

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