Proposal for Universal Basic Income of $77,000 to ensure greatest public happiness and satisfaction

Everyone has a right to earn a living wage

If you live in America, you’re entitled to its constitutional rights. Anyone who disagrees is both anti-American and unpatriotic. Living in this country, you have a right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. In the category of the pursuit of happiness comes the natural requirement for income.

Democratic Socialists like our future president Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez say that every American is entitled to a universal basic income. We are supporting a proposition for a universal basic income of no less than $77,000. This number was derived from a series of focus groups involving college students (both private and public), homeless people, refugees and migrants, people of color and members of the LGBTQAIIUP+ community.

Note: we did not ask the opinions of straight white males primarily because their opinions are not as important as other victimized members of society. Furthermore, we did not request the opinions of conservatives because they kept reporting that no one is entitled to income, that instead you must work for it. This is counter-productive to the aims of liberal ideologies.

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez, supporting the Universal Basic Income bill. Says “We will pay for it by paying for it.” Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez for President 2020

The number averaged out to be $77,000 and if successful, this will be the universal basic income starting in the year 2020 when this proposal is set to commence.

What is a universal basic income?

A universal basic income is income that you are entitled to. Think of it as “welfare for all” as we aim to turn America into a full out socialist welfare state. Every month, every citizen who isn’t apart of the upper 2% will receive a monthly check in the mail for anywhere ranging from $1,200 to $6,800 depending on their current income level.

Individuals in the upper 2%, you will be taxed 95% of your income in order to subsidize this reasonable entitlement program.

If you’re in the other 98%, think of it as “reverse taxes.” If you are unemployed, you will receive only $6,800 per month. It’s perfectly livable and comfortable so you will never have to worry about being homeless or wonder where your next meal will come from. If you are employed and make more money, you will receive less of the universal basic income entitlement program. Once you reach a certain income bracket, your universal basic income will cease and you will begin being taxed.

The universal basic income program is just what the country needs to get back on track. Soon, it will only be a distant memory when the wealth gap was even a thing. Soon within our lifetime, America will be taxed into prosperity and everyone will be wealthy. Economics is REALLY simple if you only look at what you want to see – and what we want to see is national prosperity. Diversity is our strength.


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