Why you should leave your doors unlocked at home to respect open borders

Refugees and migrants will know that your home is safe

The Trump administration is all about “closed borders” and “border security” but if you’re a liberal and open minded individual, you know know what that really stands for. The hatred of brown people and everyone who isn’t white. With the caravan of migrants coming towards our Southern border, we need them to know that they are safe and welcome.

That’s why a growing number of people in urban and suburban areas are leaving their doors unlocked day and night for migrants and refugees to come in as they please.

I’ve never felt more at peace with the problems of the world until I started leaving my doors unlocked. Desperate migrants come in, take what they need, and then leave. I finally feel helpful!

Leaving your doors unlocked at night is a sign of solidarity with those fleeing more harmful and dangerous countries and lifestyles. The last thing a fleeing family needs is to be shut out from the very place they are entitled to reside – your home.

Michelle Obama said when they go low, we go high. We can’t expect this type of wholesome behavior from bigoted conservatives but we can expect it from each other. That’s why the number of families leaving their doors unlocked day and night is growing – and it costs nothing to join that crowd. So please, prove to yourself and the caravan of migrants coming up to our border that you are a decent person. Unlock your doors.


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