Trump wants to remove the only rights women care about – Abortions

Trump administration considering the removal of a woman's constitutional right to choose

Let’s face it. Women basically have no rights in this country and every wave of the feminist movement has failed. This is why we need feminism now more than ever. Women in America are more regulated than guns in an airport. According to the stellar journalism of The Independent, the US is one of the worst and most dangerous countries for women.

With women being banned from holding office to women being oppressed in the work place, women are clinging on to whatever rights they have left as they’re stripped away and shoved further and further down the economic latter. When it comes to rights and freedoms of women, America is on par with most Muslim majority countries in the middle east [redacted for Islamophobia]

With Brett Kavanaugh threatening to overturn women’s right to vote, there’s just one fundamental right that women have that liberals cherish – the right to kill their unborn children. Abortion is a wonderful freedom and is a constitutional right provided by the founding fathers and now the Trump administration wants to move forward with repealing a woman’s right to choose.

As if women don’t have it hard enough in this country, being forced to carry a baby is akin to silencing their voice, crippling their mobility and killing their spirit. Strong and brave women thrive on their freedom to choose to kill their unborn children and without that right – what do women stand for? What worth is there to being a woman at all?

Liberals value women and we will continue to strive in our fight against the conservatives’ efforts to reduce women to the submissive sheep they see them as. Diversity is our strength and we need feminism more than ever.


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