Morbid Obesity is the new beautiful – How “Body Positivity” changed how we see beauty

Fat is fabulous and anyone who says otherwise is an intolerant bigot

Being thin and fit is overrated so it’s time to celebrate our beautiful obese ladies in the world! There used to be a time where it was a cultural norm to strive to be fit, thin and have a minimal body fat percentage. We used to think that having a visible jawline was an attractive quality and cheekbones and collar bones were a goal for so many young women.

Well we can proudly say that the progressives and liberals have won the culture war! The patriarchy has lost and women across all walks of life – if they so choose to walk 😉 – no longer have to bend to the will of white men in order to know that they’re beautiful.

Thin and fit is out
Fat is always better

Women are beautiful at all shapes and sizes, but more specifically, fat women. Morbidly obese. Look – the “fitness” crowd who touts “hard work” and “dedication” to get the bodies they want are seriously missing out on life. Nothing tastes as good as food. Nothing beats turning down a low calorie diet. Fat women, especially if they grow to morbid proportions, work just as hard as fit people just to get around their studio apartment! If it’s effort that’s attractive, morbidly obese women have them beat at that too!

If you’re one of the last remaining individuals who think that morbid obesity isn’t attractive, just keep in mind that you’re on the wrong side of history. According to the Baltic Strategist poll, fat women are now seen as 87% more beautiful than their “fit”, “thin” and “healthy” counterparts.

I love my fat body! I love not having to care about what I eat or take care of myself. We fat ladies have the best of both worlds! We can eat whatever we want and men still want us! We have our pick too – because we don’t want men who are fat and lazy themselves. That’s just gross.

It’s true, ladies! You don’t need to be beautiful for your man. Your man needs to be strong, muscular, handsome and needs to be a provider for you! It’s the ladies’ turn in America now! Thanks to liberal and progressive worldviews and the “Body Positivity” movement, we have finally achieved a point in our society where morbid obesity is the new beautiful!


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