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400,000 monthly unique visitors
720,000 monthly page views
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88% followers are men
9% followers are women

82% of NPC Daily viewers know that it’s satire and keep coming back for more. They are either conservative themselves or sympathetic to conservative humor. 28% of viewers do not know it is satire yet and engage in the comments to express their insights.

A little about NPC Daily

NPC Daily started in October 2018 and is growing faster than any new satire site in its niche. Due to the viral nature of the content, NPC Daily articles circulate far beyond the reach of it’s ever-growing follower count.

Considering the endeavor started in October 2018 and has already reached 250,000 unique visitors in January, NPC Daily is growing fast. Advertising prices are subject to change based on increased traffic.

Advertising packages

In-content banner ads – 768 x 250 ads for desktop and 336 x 280 ads for mobile that appear within the content of an article. Either above or below the content. Two ad images need to be provided for each size. More impressions guaranteed by having the ad visible in close proximity to the article’s content.

  • Two slots available (above content and below content)
  • Responsive ad sizes greatly help CTR

Below is a sample of a responsive in-content banner ad. Viewing the ad from a mobile device will show it as more of a square ad (336 x 280) while viewing it on a desktop will show the extended rectangle version of it (768 x 250).

Amazon Goldbox Deals

Sponsored post – An article written in NPC Daily fashion directing traffic to your cause. Article will include one call to action button or image. We will take care of the article content and header image (unless you want to provide it yourself). Sponsored posts stay on the site indefinitely. Will be circulated regularly through our social media blasts.

  • Great for backlinks
  • Great for driving traffic to your site – especially if the article pertains to NPC Daily matters
  • All sponsored posts will be marked as sponsored

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